About Me

About Me

I’ve always enjoyed doing puzzles to calm my thoughts. After an intense week at work, I can escape into an intriguing world where each piece of cardboard helps recreate a beautiful and inspiring picture. The step-by-step process of slowly building something and figuring out what role each piece plays in the big picture, is relaxing to me.

What started as a hobby became a business. I noticed that puzzles with a beautiful, contemporary design were hard to find. Working with a graphic design studio, I came up with a series of designs that give you the feeling of recreating a piece of modern art. Moreover, I envisaged the puzzle box as a beautiful coffee table book meant to be on display rather than a functional piece of packaging.

It's very important for me to support local businesses and so I chose to work with a local UK manufacturer who puts a lot of emphasis on quality and sustainability.

From our collaboration, Jigsaw Avenue was born.